Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Independent Study Students

The definition of an Independent Study Student is one who:

  • Is Homeschooled
  • Cannot Otherwise Participate in CIC Through a School/After School/Club or other Organized Program, Because the CIC Program is Not Offered to Them

Most K-12 students who would like to participate in a CIC program can do so through their school or after school/club/group, but if none of those options is available, a K-12 student may participate in the CIC as in Independent Study Student (ISS).

Students are Qualified to Participate as an ISS only if they fall into one of these situations:

  • They are Homeschooled
  • Student's school has not joined the CIC program, but the student wants to participate in CIC
  • Student's school has joined the CIC program, but participation in the school's CIC program is not offered to the student. For example, the student may be in 8th grade, but the school is doing the program with 4th graders.

Important to Note: If the school gives the student the opportunity to participate, regardless of their grade, but the student decides not to participate with their school, they cannot be an ISS.  If, for any reason, the school does NOT select the student to move on to the Regional Event, then the student can NOT register as an ISS. 

Only K-12 students who fall into one of the situations above can participate in the CIC as an ISS. With your child present, please read Guidelines for Inventors for important information regarding the rules for participation in CIC Invention Conventions.


Your student's registration begins with emailing Christine Lawlor-King, CIC Director of Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The earlier the better, to meet the registration deadline date listed on CIC's homepage.


Fees to participate in CIC Events must be paid prior to attending the events.  The parent is sent an email with a link to pay by credit card once the inventor has been successfully registered. Once paid, the parent receives an email confirming the student's registration along with a link to download the Photo/Video/Social Media permission form. Along with their paid registration, this form is the student's entrance ticket to the CIC State Finals Event and will be presented at check-in. To expedite check-in, please fill out the form and sign it prior to arriving at the venue. The schedule, agenda, and directions to all Events is listed here and on the Event Page under Student Events. 

Regional Event Attendance:

There are no regional events scheduled for 2018-19.

CIC Finals Event Registration Process:

CIC will send you a registration form to complete and we'll enter that info for you.  You'll receive an email confirmation with a link to pay the $45 registration fee by credit card.  

For legal reasons, students are NOT allowed to register themselves and all registrations must be done by an adult.  For all CIC events, registration for Homeschooled/ISS students is handled through the parent contacting Christine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..