Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Announcing the Connecticut Invention Convention State Final

Saturday, May 2: University of Connecticut, Storrs


Young Inventor of the Year Award

Help us celebrate the great work of our student inventors!  Each Wednesday and Saturday beginning January 22 and ending on April 18, we will highlight a past inventor in our social media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn).  At our second finals event in the Spring, the CIC Board of Directors will honor one of these students with the People’s Choice Inventor of the Year Award, based on the number of comments, shares, and likes they receive on our social media. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize.

The inventors chosen to be showcased are long-time participants of the Connecticut Invention Convention and mostly serial inventors, regardless of the amount of accolades they have received. Through this award program, we want to increase exposure of our amazing inventors and to showcase what it means to participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention.  

Below is the list of inventors by day featured.  Be sure to share with your family and friends in order to support the inventors and help them win!

Publish Date Inventor Grade Invention Title Hometown
1/22/20 Issac Fitch 6 No Freeze Chicken Water Washington Depot
1/25/20 Stephanie Sanborn 5 Duo Divider Shelton
 1/29/20 Emily Bohn 5 The Yark H.A.K Stratford
2/1/20 James Carroll 7 Measuring Cup 2.0 Hebron
2/5/20 Mark Feeney 7 Smart Stand Broad Brook
2/8/20 Gianna Calabrese 8 The Cone-Server Watertown
2/12/20 North Ackley 7 Dark Doodler East Hartford
2/15/20 Tyler Consolati 7 Vacuum Snake Norwalk
2/19/20 Ravindu Karunaratne 5 Temp-Plate Hamden
2/22/20 Arjun Parimi 6 "Blow Away" Power Spray (BAPS) Danbury
 2/26/20  Siena Jamieson 3 Doggie Dribble Protector Canton
2/29/20 Leo Southam 8 The Bubble Shelton
3/4/20 Noble Ackley 4 Ice Annihilator East Hartford
3/7/20 Arianna Anderson 7 Epic Mask East Hartford
3/11/20 Adeline Thompson 7 Crutch Comfort Easton
3/14/20 Emily Walls 5 2-Go Safety Belt Bristol
3/18/20 Anvi Bose 5 WatchEm' Rocky Hill
3/21/20 June Steffenson 2 Fighting Freedom Manchester
3/25/20 Hannah Kravet 6 Bodyguard Binder Windham
3/28/20 Riley Shove 4 Pour-O-Matic 5000 Manchester
4/1/20 Josie Steffenson K Super Spritz Manchester
4/4/20 Anishka Vejendla 3 i-Chair South Windsor
4/8/20 Luke Sanborn 7 Eyelet Enforcer Shelton
4/11/20 Sean Harren 8 Climate Control Vest Ledyard
4/15/20 Kyle Young 12 Clean Screen Shelton
4/18/20 Sophia Wang 11 Real-Time Sinkhole Detection Device Woodbridge

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