Friday, August 17, 2018
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Student Events Information

The CIC hosts Regional and Finals events for your students to present their inventions. Once all the schools have been registered for the program, you will be notified with the number of students you can register for your regional event.  Prior to the CIC Regional Invention Conventions, most schools host a mini-convention to provide students with an opportunity to present their invention to judges. The local school/district invention convention will also serve as the event where some of your students are selected to attend the CIC Regional Invention Convention for your district. Only students who have participated in a CIC Regional Event and who have been selected to move on, can participate in the CIC Finals Event. 

Student Registration for the 2017-18 CIC Regional Events is now open.  Login to your teacher workspace to register your students.
The deadline for student registration is March 11, 2018

Helpful Dates to Keep You On Track:

  • By the end of January, your school's roster is pro-loaded with placeholder records. These records represent the number of students you may register for a regional event.  
  • After February 1, 2018, login to your teacher workspace and begin registering your CIC participating students selected to attend the CIC Regional.
  • By March 11, 2018, complete all the registration information for the students that are advancing to their CIC Regional. 

Three Things Each Student Needs to Participate in a CIC Regional:

  • Complete all the required fields in the online registration form, including appropriate information about the student's invention name, description and purpose. A helpful How To guide is available in the teacher's workspace.
  • Pay the $20 registration fee per student or indicate that the parent/guardian is responsible to pay the fee
  • CIC's Permission form signed by the parent/guardian, which is the student's entry ticket to the Regional Event and must be presented at the door.

Which Regional Will My Students Attend?

  • Four CIC Regional Events are hosted annually, namely Central, Eastern, Southern, or Western Regional.
  • Schools are assigned a regional based on their county. You can refer to the location on this chart.  

How Is My Student Registered for the CIC Finals Event?

  • From the results of regional judging, CIC will register the students moving on to the Annual Invention Convention at UCONN.
  • If your student is selected to move on to the CIC Annual State Final, you or the parent will receive a congratulatory email with important information and link to pay for the Finals event registration fee.  
  • Photo permission forms will NOT be needed again as they were collected at the Regional Event.