Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Why include CIC in your curriculum?

The Connecticut Invention Convention builds standards-based inquiry skills in students K-8 by introducing and leading them through the creation of their own invention to solve a problem of their own choosing.

Invention is . . .

  • NGSS and Connecticut Core Standards Based – A proven educational unit which “covers the standards” effortlessly and naturally.
  • STEM Integrated – Linked with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as English, economics, sociology, presentation skills, information technology, art, marketing, and much more.
  • Differentiated Education - Accommodates different student needs and learning styles.
  • Founded on Higher Order Thinking Skills - Problem-defining and problem-solving techniques are taught and utilized.
  • 21st Century Skills Related – Age appropriate links to personal growth, learning paths, and global issues


21st Century Frameworks

How Does Invention Fit Into my School or Program?

  • A flexible program, ideally 6-12 weeks, which fits many time frames and instructional situations, before, during, and after school.
  • You can begin small. Invent with a single class, an after school club, a scout troop, etc.
  • Medium-sized program can involve a whole grade level, a middle school team, an entire science roster.
  • Large programs are multiple grade levels, school-wide or even town-wide.

Benefits to School/Program

  • Standards based instruction
  • The program may be offered K-8.
  • Inexpensive and “Green”
  • Community and parent involvement is integral
  • Student Recognition at the local, regional and state level
  • Flexible program design
- School-wide
- District-wide
- Elementary or Secondary
- After-school Program
- Homeschool

Benefits to Students

  • Student generated process - students identify and solve a problem
  • Opportunity for original creativity and innovativeness
  • Chance to be recognized for their engineering talent and most get to use hand tools
  • Opportunity for personal growth and building of self-esteem
  • Enhanced communication and research skills
  • Real life opportunity to achieve something for the good of all

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