Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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The Connecticut Invention Convention is a really rewarding experience, not just for teachers and schools, but students and their families too!  The CIC Program educates students in the process of invention by asking them to identify a unique problem in their world and building a solution to that problem. There are lots of resources available in school, at home, and online to help students identify and solve their problems in an innovative fashion. 

Throughout this site, students, teachers, and parents will find guidelines, inventor's log-books, curricula, patent search tools, presentation videos, sample forms, and much more, all to provide an authentic and rewarding learning experience that will provide a solid foundation in creative problem solving, critical thinking, data analysis, and presentation. 

In this section of our site, we provide students and their parents with key facts about the CIC process, regional and finals events, and links that can expand your CIC experience.  

Also, feel free to peruse the Judges area – you can find the instructions we give to the judges for how to judge each invention.  Inventions that adhere to the program rules not only will do well, but also will find the most rich education experience in the process.