Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Our curriculum for your child

The curriculum of the Connecticut Invention Convention is perfectly suited to the development and needs of the K-8 student. The heart of the program is the Five Essential Lessons that combine a professional path to invention and innovation with the abilities and natural learning patterns of children.

For example, the first lesson, “What is Invention?” is a discovery activity that uses the powers of observation, collaboration with others, and group discussion to define invention for future reference.

This is followed by a study of past inventors, methods to identify and select problems, and then product improvement which uses ketchup packets to teach improvement criteria. 

This curriculum is standards based, benefits all children, fits into every school program, and is easily adopted by teaching professionals, even in the first year. Students will experience a unique view of their world and learn to keep their eye on the things in their present and future world which can be made to serve humanity. Even the youngest inventors walk away knowing that they can do complex things now and forever with just a little help and encouragement.

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