Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Everything you need to know about the CIC Program

The Connecticut Invention Convention is actually part of a year-long program that is taught in schools that teaches kids the essence of the process of invention. Our goal is to provide the children of Connecticut with interesting, meaningful and age-appropriate opportunities to develop and enhance their critical-thinking skills using creative problem solving techniques.  Our mission is to ensure that this fun and esteem-enhancing program instills the creative spirit in each student today and for the rest of his or her lives.

Each year in the Fall, the CIC invites all Connecticut schools to register for the program.  An informational mailing is sent that contains information how to register, links to our website for materials, and oftentimes a summary of the past year’s State convention.

Registered schools are provided with an Invention Curriculum containing example exercises, forms, resources, and much more so as to enable a school to effectively teach and hold their own local convention.

Students recognized at these local conventions are invited to attend the CIC Regional Event and their teachers are instructed to complete a registration process for each of these students. At a CIC Regional Event, students interact with their peers and practicing professionals from education and industry.  Students recognized at the Regional level are invited to participate in the Annual State Final Invention Convention Event, and some may go on to participate in the Annual National Invention Convention!

The links in this tab provide more detailed information about the CIC and what you, as Parents and Students, need to know to be successful.

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