Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Media Tools for Schools

Your children work so hard, and the CIC is so newsworthy, that we want to help you tell everyone in town about the latest inventions coming out of your school.  Awareness of your program in the community generates goodwill from the community to your school, may provide the school with volunteer and financial resources from local business and government groups, and provides other student populations with positive role models showing real-life students with successful academic achievements.

Use of the magazine, newspaper, and television is a great way to grow the program, and instill in your students a sense of pride and acknowledgement of achievement.

Here's a quick set of tools to help you get the word out to the local press/media.

Sample Press Releases

To assist you in obtaining the maximum exposure for your program, the CIC encourages you to take an active role in promoting your local CT Invention Convention efforts, using a standard model press release:

Local Winners Release – to be issued after your local Invention Convention:
[NUMBER OF WINNERS] Young Inventors from [NAME OF TOWN] [Has/Have] Been Selected to Participate in the [YEAR] Connecticut Invention Convention

CIC Winners Release—to be issued after the Annual State Invention Convention:
Young Inventor(s) [NAME(S)] from [NAME OF TOWN OR SCHOOL] [Has/Have] Win Coveted Honors at the 2011 Connecticut Invention Convention

TV Appearance Release – to be issued in advance of any TV appearance:
[NAME(S)] from [NAME OF TOWN], Connecticut Invention Convention Inventors, To Appear on [NAME OF SHOW]

NOTE: Do Not Use This APPEARANCE RELEASE Without Permission from the Producer with whom you are working on a scheduled appearance. Producers do not usually want you to perform your own unsolicited, uncoordinated, nor independently issued publicity for their shows without their network's permission.
Contact: Helen Charov, Executive Director, Phone: 860-614-6456, should you have ANY questions regarding this critical policy.

Listing of Local Press

The CIC does not maintain current media lists for all reporters in the State of Connecticut, but there is a free online resource that has many of the reporters listed in its databases

Some other ideas:

  • Do you have a local AOL Patch website that covers your area?  Check out to see!  Patch is very locally-oriented and has very approachable editors who will likely provide solid coverage for your Invention Convention – before and after the event.
  • Would you like to develop an audition tape to submit to talk shows to try for a guest appearance? Then visit CT Inventor TV to learn how to develop a video, post it for review and sharing with others. Samples of successful videos are noted.


Logos / Images / Videos:

The CIC Online Media Room has someresources for your publicity efforts.  Logos, images, videos, statistics, listings of winners, and so on – it's all there for your use.

CIC Inventor TV:

The CIC regularly receives Casting Calls from a variety of National Television shows that seek innovative and talented students to be showcased. These shows usually provide air-fare, lodging, food, and other transportation expenses for the student, the invention, and one parent. Sometimes the show's hosts provide Awards to each participating students, which is always a plus, but should not be expected. The CIC will not recommend any show that seeks to capitalize on the child's inventions, or those that require payment from parents to participate.

Recommended shows in which CIC students have participated include the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and now with Jimmy Fallon, Martha Stewart Show, Cyberchase, Bonnie Hunt Show, American Inventor, Steve Harvey, and Zoom.

All inventors taking part in the CIC curriculum across the state are eligible to take part in these shows. For more information, check out our CT Inventor TV information section of this site.

If you are contacted directly for any show, and wish to inquire as to their validity, please contact .

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