Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Press and Legislators

The Connecticut Invention Convention has a lot to share, much of it not only newsworthy but also photogenic – it's hard to go wrong with images of kids inventing.
In this tab, you will find three major sections:

  • Media Room for Press:  This is designed for the press/media covering our programs, but can be used by anyone interested in getting more details about the CIC.
  • Media Tools for Schools: This is an on-line resource for schools to help them publicize their local events and achievements.
  • Legislator access: This is for Connecticut State Legislators, Congressman, Senators, and their staff, to be able to find out what's happening with the CIC in their respective districts.

We hope you find your specific area of great use to you, but feel free to check out the other areas of this tab as well.

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