Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Judge Training Materials

The CIC is committed to helping support its judges as they learn best practices for encouraging and mentoring our students.   The materials in this section provide background, examples, and explanations about the process of creative problem solving through invention that we are trying to instill in these young inventors.

While we train all our judges prior to Judging time at each event, we invite you to take some time to review the materials completely before arriving for your first judging assignment. Below are some terms to help familiarize you with CIC Judging.

Judging Rubric - The judging rubric is used to assess the inventor's presentation and invention. We are in the process of updating the rubric for 2018.

Judging Circle - The Judging Circle is comprised of a group of 7-9 inventors and their judges, configured to involved the entire group of young inventors in a discussion of each invention, as led by the judges.