Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Important Inventor Information


1. Regional Participants were pre-selected at their school or district event. There are no walk-ins allowed.  Participants selected at the Regional level will be invited to attend the Finals at UCONN.

2. Inventors must have a signed Photo Permission form to enter the Regional or Finals venues. The form is emailed to the teacher/parent upon registration confirmation and payment.

3. Inventions/Prototypes must fit in a 2 foot x 2 foot space in front of the display board, or on the floor in front of the inventors space at the table. Inventions/Prototypes that are larger than 2 feet x 2 feet will not be permitted in the venue; this is a rule that will be enforced at the door of each venue.  Build a smaller prototype or take pictures/video of your prototype in action. 

4. Electricity and WiFi connectivity is not guaranteed at every venue.  Every inventor should be prepared to speak about their invention even if they can't have access to electricity or WiFi. You will not be penalized for not having access to either or both.

Quinnipiac: No electricity will be provided; WiFi is available as Guest.

WCSU: Electricity will be provided; WiFi is weak and unreliable; Your hotspot may or may not work.

CTRA: Electricity will only be available in some locations, and WiFi connectivity is in the process of being confirmed - stay tuned!

UCONN: Electricity will be provided and WiFi is available as Guest.

5. Other Frequently asked Questions for Inventors are listed here.

6. The acceptable use of Apps and Microcontrollers with an Invention is described here

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